All Models in the Gallery Section painted and detailed by Streamstyle Graphics using Streamstyle Graphics decal sets and detail parts



Milwaukee Road 1927 Pioneer Limited Pullmans and Diner Dan Healey


Milwaukee Road 1927 Pioneer Limited Buffet Library - Chicago 


Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Early Heavyweights - United States Fast Mail 


Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Observation - Wyocena 


Pre 1927 Heavyweights - Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul, Chicago Milwaukee & Puget Sound


Milwaukee Road Heavyweight Pullman - Wachusett 


Milwaukee Road Heavyweight RPO - #1856 


Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 1939


Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Diner #113 & Parlor Chandler 1948


Milwaukee Road Beavertail Miller 1942 Paint


Milwaukee Road 1934 Hiawatha Coaches 1942 Skirt and Rib Modifications


Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Coach #477 1944 Buy War Bonds Scheme


Milwaukee Road Beavertail Nokomis 1944 Modifications


Milwaukee Road Rib Side Express RPO


Milwaukee Road 1947 Original "Spaghetti Stripe" Olympian Hiawatha Cars, designed by Brooks Stevens


Milwaukee Road 1947 Olympian Hiawatha Heavyweight Pullman Sleeper Kilbourn


Milwaukee Road Raymond Series Sleeper Wisconsin Dells


Milwaukee Road 1948 Twin Cities Hiawatha Parlor, Fox River Valley


Milwaukee Road 1948 Twin Cities Hiawatha Skytop Parlor Cedar Rapids


AT&SF Santa Fe Pendulum Car #1100


Illinois Central City Of Miami, CoG E8 #811, Baggage Dormitory Coach Bougainvillea, CoG Coach, IC Diner, IC Observation circa 1953


New York Ontario & Western Mountaineer Passenger Set - #405 Mountain, RPO, Combination Car, Coaches & "Orange" Observation Car


New York Ontario & Western RPO Baggage Express - #401