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About Our Decal Sets

Thank you for looking at our decal and products website.  We take pride in thoroughly researching each decal set to obtain the highest quality and most accurate decals available.  Through your support, we continue to expand our line of decals, often offering sets previously unavailable elsewhere.  
Although we specialize in producing prototype-specific decals, our website also includes a line of cast resin detail parts and a photo gallery - providing the customer a look at the finished product and reference material for their own modeling efforts. 
The Milwaukee Road decal sets, which comprises a majority of our decal catalog, have been thoroughly researched using company painting and lettering diagrams, coupled with original builder and company photos.  Published and photos from private collections were also incorporated into the research process.  State of the art vector-based drawing tools were used to transform the prototype data into, what we feel, are the highest fidelity decals ever made.
Special attention was given to the Milwaukee Road's unique stylized lettering and numeric fonts, which have been meticulously re-created to exacting prototype accuracy.  The Olympian Hiawatha and Twin Cities Hiawatha 1947-1950 script car name lettering, specialized letterboard lettering, heralds and the Road's unique "Big-Ben" style number board numerals have been faithfully reproduced in size, shape, and spacing. Colors have been matched to original drift card colors, paint diagram specifications and manufacturer color codes.
You will find our decals easy to apply and set using your favorite decal solvents.  And, of course, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you encounter any problems or need replacement decals, please feel free to contact us.  We are also available to do custom decal work.  Please contact us if you would like to explore further.  We look forward to serving your decal needs.